Yes!  You read it right; Snacks and healthy can go together.  In fact having snacks throughout the day helps you keep your weight in check and also lose it. But the trick is to have wholesome and nutritious snacks and not the sugar and fat filled junk.

You must be wondering what snacks can be healthy as well as tasty? Well, you are in for a surprise for the list of healthy snack option is a long one. Now snack is something we have between meals and rarely do we find time to eat during our busy schedules.  Therefore, the snack should be healthy as well as provide ease of eating.  It should be easy to carry and eat without compromising on your schedule and taking up much of your time.

With keep both these pre-requisite in mind, we have compiled a list of snacks that are nourishing and can be eaten without much fuss and hassle.

  1. Nuts– the crunchy nuts are loved by all. You can opt from pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, Brazilian nuts or just mix up a handful of them together. Each of these nuts offer wide range of health benefits and are loaded with healthful nutrients and anti-oxidants. Roasted or raw, nuts are easy to store in your desk drawer or you backpack. They can be munched on while at work or in action.
  2. Fruits – fruits are nature’s sweet treat and rich in anti-oxidants, natural sugar and other nutrients. Simple stash one apple in your purse while you leave or slice up a kiwi, your mid meal snack is ready. At office or while travelling fruits make an ideal low calorie snack which is tasty and fulfilling.
  3. Dried fruits – for people who find carry fruits cumbersome can go for dried fruits instead. Loaded with natural energy, bountiful nutrients and fiber, dried fruits are awesome in taste and flavor.  Dates, apricots, prunes, raisins, figs, dried cranberries etc are healthy sweet treats and make snacking fun. However, when having dried fruits, exercising portion control is important to reap in the benefits and not add up the calories.
  4. Yoghurt – be it a plain low fat Greek yoghurt or glass of Indian buttermilk, you are snacking right. Yoghurt or curd contains healthy bacteria which improves your digestive health and boosts your immunity. Many studies show that yoghurt or curd help fight infections and the also aid in weight loss.
  5. Seeds – are tiny nutritional powerhouses brimming with healthy nutrients, omega 3 and anti-oxidants. Flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds etc are great to be had individually or mixed together. Caution needs to be exercised and one should avoid over eating.

These are some healthy options of natural food you can keep handy. However still there are times when carrying them is not easy and you find yourself in a fix as to what to eat.  As a solution to this problem, energy bars make quite a healthy snack too.


Energy bars are light in weight and easy to carry.  They are portable well-balanced meals that can be stashed in your bag or crammed in your pocket. With an energy bar at hand you will never go without a healthy snack.

Energy bars, make a good snack because they contain many assorted ingredients like nuts, granola, oats, seeds, fruits, dried fruits.  So, basically you get all your healthy snacks in one nutrition bar. Isn’t this good deal?  A granola bar or fruit bar can very well replace your meal or make up for your missed breakfast. Energy bars or nutrition bars are perfect balanced in calories, proteins, fiber and other healthy nutrients.

However one should be sharp and vigilant while picking up a nutrition bar, for many brands just sell sugar covered candy bars or are filled with Tran’s fat and saturated fat.  Always read food labels and choose wisely. Energy bars do make a healthy snack but it is as healthy as you choose.