Few Great Ideas to Spend Your Night While in London

When you are visiting London, then you will find plenty of things to do in order to keep you occupied. From extensive walking trips and tours to its various historic talking points, there are many other things that London can offer you. You can check out few of the best of London-nightlife for tourists so that you can get acquainted with this cosmopolitan city. In this article, we shall touch upon few of these places with its brief description.


You should not simply waste your time by visiting any of city’s average bars and bore yourself. Instead visit one of the best-rooftop-bars of London. You can enjoy good dining along with luxurious cocktails. You should not miss this place as a tourist to this city.

Flight Club Bloomsbury

If you are looking for a night out while you are in London, which can promise food, fun and drinks all combined then visit this place. With blending-pizza and cocktails along with state-of-the-art dart boards, this place is among the best nights-outs in the city.

Want to combine comedy with night club?

No tourist should ever miss comedy while you are in London, where there is dose of comedy based on so many different acts of the city. At Tattersall Castle, you should not miss comedy as guys here will churn out your night with smile that you will remember for a long time.

Gin-house burlesque

Do you want to put little bit of razzle-dazzle in your night in one best burlesque event in London? You will soon become familiar with few best performers of this business though this exclusive bar is located in a secret place.

Paranormal Activity Tour

There are lots of history about this London city, and you can experience it all with the help of this best walking tours. Whole things are focused around the ghosts and ghouls of this fair London. You can also join this paranormal walking-tour and learn about some of the weirdest happenings that have occurred over time.

The Medieval Banquet

If you are planning to be at London for full month or just a weekend, then there is one memorable experience that you will surely be chatting, while you are way back home. You may join Medieval-Banquet and witness the live entertainment.

Jazz Cafe

You will not find anything like live-music while in London, except when you visit a place like Jazz-Cafe in Camden. You may enjoy your meal either in the 2nd floor restaurant, or just right into the main stage. In this club, you will find some of the city’s best performers.

The Silent Disco-Boat

If you want to find a funny thing to do while in London then it would be the silent disco. Not only it is a silent-disco, but it is held on a boat. You can join this late-night party to have a fun-filled romp across the river of Thames along with a killer playlist.


Your trip to London will remain incomplete without visiting any best cocktail bars of this city. This Nightjar has been voted as a number one bar of the world on various occasions. You must join Nightjar for some best live music and also few creative cocktails served in an exclusive basement environment.

London Cabaret Club

If you are here in London as a tourist then you cannot give any excuse for missing cabaret. You can visit the London Cabaret-Club, and join all the fun time for an evening of dining and also see few best performers in this industry.

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