Exercises You Must Do In Your 50’s

If you’re in your 50’s, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to exercise regularly and stay active. No matter which age range you fall in, exercising will always help you improve and maintain your energy levels and keep you fit irrespective of your weight.

Not only this, but regular exercise can also help slow down some symptoms that are associated with ageing. When in your 50’s, exercising becomes even more important as it is good for both your physical and mental state.

Whether you want to feel more energetic or maintain a steady and healthy body weight or just improve your overall health, there are several ways that you can do that irrespective of your age. Although, before you kickstart your exercise routine, we suggest that you speak with a health practitioner first.

Now the question still stands as to which exercises will work well in your 50’s. Certainly, the exercises like heavy weight lifting and walking for hours on end won’t be so easy to do and might not be that helpful. So, to help you out, we have listed the most useful exercises for the people who are in their 50’s.

Although for that you must…

Take your first step

At this age, it is important to stay active and continue doing some kind of activity. There is no specific age range to stay healthy and active. It is applicable to all the age groups and you can start anytime you want.

Also, you need to make sure that you are not hurrying up and finding shortcuts for being fit. Start establishing a routine today and work towards it slowly. Do not try to get rid of the excess body weight (if you are overweight) in just a week or fortnight.

Instead, keep at it and take steps as per your capacity.

Don’t fall for crash diets as there’s no shortcut to being healthy. It’s a lifestyle not a trend so it will take time for you to completely embrace it.

1. Swim to increase your adaptability and flexibility

No one can deny the fact that our mobility becomes restricted because of weak muscles and joint pains. So the best way to boost your flexibility is to swim daily. It has several advantages as it increases your adaptability and you will actually enjoy the activity. And the good thing is, unlike other exercises, swimming makes your whole body workout.

Also, it will help you lose weight not to mention it automatically increases the working capacity of all your muscles.

2. Start building muscles with low weight

According to health experts, it is essential to keep working and moving. Because if we stop working, our muscles weaken over time and that can’t be good. Not only this but also try to increase your muscle mass. And for that, start with light weight lifting with weights that are up to 2 to 5 kg.

3. Look in on pilates

It’s better to sit in a straight position than sitting in a bent posture. Pilates and yoga can help you get the right posture. Once you start sitting with the right posture you will develop the habit of doing that normally as well.

You can ask your yoga teachers or gym trainers for right postures and then try them on your own.  And if you feel that going to the gym is a big step, start out with small exercises within the comforts of your home.

If you are getting back to workouts after a long time, we suggest that you take assistance from a personal trainer. They will help you perform exercises correctly. And if you combine working out with a healthy diet, it will work wonders for your health.

It’s tough to stick to a regular exercise routine so why not make it interesting and mix fitness with fun? You can join a dance class, like Zumba. You can also consider signing yourself up for a leisurely walking club. You get to get fit and socialise at the same time.

If you’re getting into something intense, always consult a fitness expert and only then go ahead with it!