Take Vet Consultation If You Experience These Side Effects of CBD on Your Dog

The dog is proved to be a loyal and honest animal. In any situation, it always protects its owner and gives them full-on security. By seeing such honesty, it is the responsibility of every pet owner to take proper care of their pets. As this pretty animal can’t say their pain on their own and only a pet-lover can feel’s their pain by seeing the difference in their behaviour.

CBD oil is beneficial for humans as well as animal. It is proved to be an effective remedy for sick pets without any harmful side effects. Cannabis Oil is derived from the Hemp plant with the help of different extraction process. There are no major side-effects of CBD on dogs due to its non-toxic and non-psychoactive properties.

Here, in this article, we discuss some side-effects of CBD oil on your pet and if you experience these side-effects it is highly recommended to consult your vet doctor as soon as possible.

Laziness: As we know that dog is an active animal. It always did physical movements in regular interval. If you start its CBD medication, at the initial stage, you have to keep a proper eye on the activities of your pet. If you saw that it become lazy and avoided common physical activities then consult your vet as soon as possible.

Tiredness: Dogs are the full package of activeness. They are not easily tired by normal activities because their stamina is superb. After CBD inhalation, it becomes tired soon then there is something wrong with its health. Then, stop its medication and consult the doctor first.

Slight Drowsiness: This side-effect is basically occurred due to the high dosage of Cannabis oil. It is not such a big deal, you can rectify it by reducing the dose quantity. Basically, CBD has a calming effect on dog’s health and it can easily treat anxiety. If the situation is not under control, then call your vet.

Dry mouth: This is the most common side-effect of CBD in pets because it affects the production of saliva among dogs. Saliva keeps dogs mouth fresh and wet. You can easily manifest this side-effect by the instant thirst of your dog. So, keep watching the behavioural changes of your lovable pet.

Blood Pressure Become Lower: CBD will give an instant and positive result if you give it to your pet in the right amount and proper dosage. As we know that ‘excess of everything is harmful’. Start with low CBD dosages and then increase it with time.  Your pet’s blood pressure will be lowered temporarily due to high doses of CBD. This lower BP will cause light-headedness in dogs. So, give the right amount of dosages as per vet doctor’s prescription.

All the above are minor side-effects of CBD on your dogs. There is no major side-effect exists because Cannabis oil is a harmless food supplement that removes anxiety, chronic pain, depression, sleep disorder among pets. So, be safe and take proper care of your dog.