There are many ways through which you can order weed

Canada has recently become the second country in the world to legalize the supply, production, selling and consumption of medical as well as recreational cannabis. A plethora of benefits associated with the consumption of marijuana has helped in abolishing the prohibition and making it free and legal. Undoubtedly, the prohibition of marijuana hasn’t worked the way government people wanted and therefore legalization has higher chances of bringing some positive set of transformation to the country’s economy, culture, and society.

Since October 2018, adults in Canada can legally pick up dried cannabis leaves, oils, and pre-rolled joints from government-licensed retailers, or can even grow their own indoor plants prior to permission. With the legalization of cannabis, people must keep themselves well equipped about the dos and don’ts related to purchase of medical as well as recreational cannabis especially with things like legal purchasing age, maximum possession, list of retail outlets and online store along with public consumption laws.

What is the restricted age limit?

The legal age to buy marijuana depends on the government approved legal age of the provinces which mostly varies from the age of 18 to 21. While making a purchase for the recreational cannabis people often require showing their identification proof to licensed retailer however while purchasing medical cannabis it is important to show the prescription provided by licensed medical experts. A child who is suffering from chronic disease and has been recommended marijuana by a medical expert can legally consume it without facing any legal risk.

What and how much can one buy?

The two types of cannabis which one can legally buy are a flower, the one which you smoke and oil which one ingests. Considering the legal public possession, an individual is allowed to carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its fresh equivalent which is approx 450 grams of edible product and 7.5 grams of concentrated.

If you wish to make the purchase for medical cannabis, the pharmacy giant has signed supply deals with licensed marijuana producers whereas for the recreational supply there are multiple online stores. Canada now is experiencing increased number of brick and mortar store as well as e-commerce platform which deal with the production and selling of marijuana legally.

Each storefront has to follow some legal steps like checking the prescription or identity proof of the buyer before making the deal. The online stores are considered as the best available option as it eases the shopping experience while providing people with a quality product from the comfort of home by making a few clicks. is highly rated and legalized supplier of recreational cannabis products as well as related accessories. They provide high-quality cannabis which is stored in the best condition at a comparatively better price and ensure high potency.

In addition to looking for a licensed store, it is important for beginners to look for good quality products as well. The four main indicators when delineating between high-quality flower and subpar flower are a smell, look, feel and flower structure. The better the quality of cannabis the higher will be the experience and long-lasting will be the after effect.